Mask Maker Essentials - Part 1

We had the opportunity to speak with the professional prop maker over at The American Horror Company . Here are some of his favorite mask and prop making essentials.

Great Lakes Clay - 341 Michigan White

Description: An extremely smooth, plastic clay body made up of ball clays and kaolins. Throws beautifully and holds its shape despite the absence of fireclays or fillers. 

Our Use: 341 Michigan White clay, is our go-to clay for creating our mask sculpt. We love it so much, that we visited the Great Lakes Clay facility and show you how it’s made. View Video 

USG Hydro-cal

Description: Multi-purpose gypsum cement ideal for both solid and hollow casting of lamp bases and figurines.

Our Use:
We use USG Hyrdo-cal to create a hard mold to pour our RAM Casting Latex into to create our masks.


Reynolds Advanced Materials (RAM) Casting Latex

Description: RAM is a sister company to Smooth-On based in Chicago, Illinois. RAM Casting Latex is a single component, air drying natural latex compound.

Our Use:
Once our Hydro-cal mold is made, we layer the inside with RAM Casting Latex to create our blank mask.


Smooth-On FlexFloam-iT!

Description: FlexFoam-iT!® expanding flexible foams are easy to use and durable. They can be used for padding/cushion material, gasket material, or to make props and special effects.

Our Use: When making a prop, we fill the inside of our masks with Smooth-On FlexFoam in order for it be rigid and not collapse on itself.


Master’s Touch Acrylic Paint

Description: Master's Touch Acrylic Paint has intense color and coverage. It's applicable on multiple mediums: paper, canvas, wood and more.

Our Use: We use a couple of different acrylic paints to paint our masks and props, but definitely prefer the paint by Master’s Touch.


Monster Maker’s Latex Paint

Description: A concentrated, pre-mixed paint medium developed for use on latex rubber masks and props.

Our Use: As mentioned above, we use many different brands of paint. This is another high quality brand that we use for painting our masks and props.