Mask Maker Essentials - Part 2

Last month we brought you the first part of our Mask Maker Essentials.

Today, we are coming at you with part #2. This will cover our top 5 essential products for finishing up your beautiful mask.


Paasche TG-3F Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

Description: The TG is Paasche's newest airbrush and delivers the finest detail of all our models. Achieve patterns from a hair line to 1-1/4-inch.

Our Use: As you can probably figure out, this is our go-to airbrush for applying acrylic paint onto our masks. Check out the first part for our preferred type of paint.


Monster Maker’s Flex Gloss

Description:  Flex Gloss is a flexible top coat that produces a flexible non-yellowing high gloss coating.

Our Use: Applying a thin layer of this gloss paint onto portions of your mask, such as the eyes and tongue, will really give it a life-like wet appearance.


FX Supply - Plastic Eyeballs

Description: 26mm Plastic Eyeballs are human sized except for the cornea, which is slightly larger than a human cornea.

Our Use:
While some people overlook the eyes, they are very important when creating a realistic mask or animatronic. The eyes are often times the make-or-break part of your projects. After a lot of research, we find that the FX Supply eyes are some of the best that we have used.


Monster Maker’s Mask Hair

Description: A nice quality human-like, Kanekolon hair which can be laid on or punched in latex masks and props.

Our Use: Depending on the project, we may use different types of hair, such as real hair or Rubies. However, if you’re ordering Flex Gloss from Monster Makers, you might as well get the hair from there too.


Pro Tip:

Need an outfit for your cosplay or costume? You can save a ton of money if you check out your local thrift shop for clothing and accessories. Since the prices are so low, you won’t feel bad modifying them to your specific needs!


Have a product that you just absolutely love? Shoot us an email and let us know!