Scary Clown Sightings Turned into a Movie

Looks like all of those scary clown sightings is getting turned into a movie, and I am not talking about IT.

Haven't heard about these sightings? Check out this news article about a machete-wielding clown on the California highway. Inquisitr News Article

Tony Cadwell is directing the movie Behind the Sightings which will be a psychological thriller inspired by the recent horrifying clown sightings. It is currently in post-production and is being produced by Tommy V Productions.

The storyline for this film is fairly vague, but this is what we know: 

"Documentary discovery of multiple clown sightings around the US lead us to an unforgivable homicide."

Behind the Sightings is scheduled to hit theaters in October 2017. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this movie will cause even more sightings. Hopefully they do it in good taste...