The Dark Mart VS eBay

Here at The Dark Mart, we put our customers first. Not only do we love the horror & sci-fi community, we are an active member of it. Throughout the years, we have designed and manufactured: haunted houses, haunted rides, props, etc.

Unfortunately, when it comes to selling our products, we have been faced with the same issues that many of you have experienced yourselves: expensive listing fees, horrible customer service, listing limitations, and so much more. These issues make you question whether or not it’s even worth selling in the first place. We always knew that the customers were there, but unfortunately, the platforms to sell were lacking. That is exactly why we decided to change that.  

We started off by doing away with the overpriced listing fees, we didn’t even consider taking a commission, and completely removed all limits on how many products that you can list.

With eBay, you are forced to pay a listing fee, then once the item sells, they tack on another bill for 10% of your sale. Or, you can become a seller and pay $300 a year and still pay a listing fee for each item you sell.



At The Dark Mart, we only charge $35, and that will be the only fee that you pay for 2 years! Many of you will end up paying that much for selling 1 item on eBay.



There are so many limitations in life, why add to it? You are your own store owner, we are just providing you with a platform to sell. 

Join today and pay your last selling fee for 2 years!


Become A Sorcerer

As a symbol of our appreciation, we will send you a rare tooth that we ripped out of the mouth of a werewolf with our bare hands!