Bounce Rubberizer

Bounce Rubberizer

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Bounce also makes All Purpose Foam Coat able to go on thinner, weatherproof, and stick even better to most porous materials. For a rubbbery surface use 8oz of Bounce with 1-4oz of dry Foam Coat.

Mixing: Use Bounce with no added water for maximum flexibility. The All Purpose Foam Coat comes out more flexible when no or less water is added to the Bounce. Start with 1 part liquid to 1 part All Purpose Foam Coat, and thin or thicken as desired. Thinning the Foam Coat with more Bounce will not weaken it, and will allow very strong thin layers to be applied, so you don't lose details. Try a mixture of 9 parts Bounce to one part Foam Coat for a super rubbery coating. Thin layers can be applied to vertical and inverted surfaces with little or no sagging. Apply alone, or with just a little bit of Foam Coat as a strong flexible paintable sealant. Dilute the Bounce with water before mixing with Foam Coat to get a less flexible, smooth, chip-resistant surface.

Applying: Fill holes with pasty mixture. To coat large areas, add more liquid until thin enough to apply with a paint brush. May be applied as thick as 3/8 inch, but multiple coats are stronger. Looks like smooth stone when dry. Try texturing the surface before coating sets. Bounce is compatible with our Grit Texturizers.

Set Time: Use within 15 minutes. Sets up in 30 minutes. Maximum bond and strength in 24 hours.

Clean-Up: Immediately clean tools and brushes with soapy water.

Finishing: Paint or stain as desired.