Brush-On Brushable Mold Rubber

Brush-On Brushable Mold Rubber

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Great for mask making and prop making!

Brush-On 40 is the softest of the series and offers the most flexibility and is used for models with deep undercuts. Brush-On 40 can be inverted and used to make glove molds. Brush-On 50 and Brush-On 60 possess superior abrasion resistance and tear strength and are ideal for casting concrete and hard plasters in applications where less flexibility is required. These products are compatible. For example, you can apply two coats of Brush-On 40 and back it up with two coats of Brush-On 50 or 60. All three rubbers are suitable for reproducing sculpture, architectural restoration and production casting of concrete.

Easy to mix and apply with a brush or spatula, BRUSH-ON 35 paints onto vertical surfaces and will cure with negligible shrinkage to a durable rubber that performs in production. Common applications for BRUSH-ON 35 include on-site architectural restoration molds, reproducing sculpture (art bronze wax molds - lost wax process) and making special effects.