Electric Lid Opener

The Dark Mart

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An electric solution for a popular illusion! This mech opens and closes a lid.Can be set so the lid opens and closes repeatedly, or lid can remain closed until the trigger is activated, then lid opens and closes.

Easily attach to any box, coffin or barrel and the mech opens and closes the lid! Attach a prop head to the inside of the box lid and it will appear to pop out of the box!

Comes complete with...

  • The FrightProps High-Torque Dual Speed Prop Motor
  • High-Amperage Power supply
  • Power supply adapter
  • Shaft arm with 6" connector shaft (can be cut with hacksaw to accommodate different openings)
  • Inverted Mounting Bracket for Motor
  • Mounting Bracket for Lid
  • Optional Controller
  • Optional Trigger