Motion Platform with 2.5 Inch Lift

Motion Platform with 2.5 Inch Lift

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FrightProps custom manufactures scores of motion platforms each year... Our customers use them as the foundation for building amazing simulations such as Hellevators, video based motion rides, moving hallways, space capsules, and so much more... Let us build yours!
Heavy duty welded all-steel construction. This includes a heavy-duty welded steel frame, 4 or more airbags (depending on size), and a 3/4" plywood deck. Most sizes come fully assembled, large sizes bolt together.



Deck sits 4.5" off ground level when lowered and raises to a maximum of 7". Minimal maintenance is required.

Capacity given for each platform is based on a maximum per-person weight of 200 pounds.

Any size above 6' x 6' uses 6 air bags. Smaller sizes use 4 air bags.