Pressure Sensing Mats

Pressure Sensing Mats

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Pressure Sensing Mats trigger props when a person steps on it. Basically, it's a foot pressure switch. Pressure mats are a great way to surprise your guests as you can easily hide them on floors so they can activate your props with precision.

Sometimes called step mats, pressure mats are one of our most popular prop activation devices. Use with all FrightProps controllers and audio players or your own devices with trigger input.

  • Concealable under carpeting or matting.
  • Slimmest profile of any pressure mat.
  • Flexible and water resistant.
  • May be placed under Masonite or plywood for heavy duty applications.
  • Pressure mats should only be used with low-voltage (such as 12v DC). To activate AC props, use a relay or controller.