Submersible Water Blaster

Submersible Water Blaster

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Submerse this blaster in any body of water and get ready to be amazed! Produces a huge blast of water. Use in barrels, ponds, pools, artificial lakes...anywhere you want to create an impressive and startling vertical blast of water!
  • Water blaster unit
  • 3-Way specialty solenoid
  • 40 ft of 1/4" airline
  • Compressed air (40 psi max.)
  • Electricity to activate
  • Possible additional 1/4" airline if you will be running far out into the pool of water

You can adjust the intensity of the blast by positioning the unit deeper under water or closer the surface. The closer to the surface the vertical pipe is the higher the blast will be. If the pipe is deeper under the water the blast will have a louder sound but not go as high.

Two 1/4" airlines (included) must be run out to the device.